• Service, Repairs & Customization: $60 per hour
  • Welding & Machining: $75 per hour
  • Tire Change:
    • Off the bike: $40 & up
    • On the bike – front wheel: $60 & up
    • On the bike – rear wheel: $ 90 & up
    • We will mount tires you buy elsewhere
    • Tubes in stock

A Righteous Ride – V-Twin Motors will perform routine maintenance on any American made motorcycle. For repairs, we specialize on anything that the Harley dealership won’t work on anymore. We can work with the newer bikes as well and can install the latest tuners that bypass the need for expensive download or dyno services.

Don’t throw those cracked cases or heads away. Call the shop first. Randy has saved many engines that owners have thought were beyond repair.

Give them a call at 970-339-5781 to see when you can get your bike in.